F-avto at the intermediate stage of the Eastern Europe Drifting Championship. July 31st, 2010. Logoisk

The Intermediate stage. What changes?
In comparison with previous race, the line in Logojsk took serious changes that allowed increasing speed on the line. This time special measurements of developed speed were taken which added stimulus to sportsmen were this time spent to pass the line with the greatest possible speed.
Timas Simnishka developed record speed – 95 km/h on Lexus SC300!!!

Certainly, the heat and holidays time had an effect - and spectators and participants were less than on previous stage. However it didn’t changed intensity of emotions and participants’ will to win.

As a whole «Burn Drifting Cup» passed in the dynamical form. Despite a small number of sportsmen (15 participants) the event was worth to watch. Besides heats, different entertainments with F-avto participation took place. Also the new attraction «Drift taxi» was organized. Two lucky beggars among spectators drove out on a passenger place in the racing car!

It is necessary to notice that Belarus was presented by 11 cars. First of all, it says, that drift gains great popularity in our country. But it would be worth to say that cars preparation this time was slightly worse. But it’s easy to explain: inable - to improve the serial car in a right way, it is necessary about 20 thousand dollars!!!
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