F-avto in Radashkovichi boarding school for children-orphans and children who left without parental guardianship.

F-avto in Radashkovichi boarding school for children-orphans and children who left without parental guardianship
Charity. We are searching for like-minded persons. The history of a girl
Charity and patronship of arts were prestigious at all times. However, nevertheless, not too many people and the organizations are ready to do good, at least for the prestige and publicity move.
Besides of participation in charitable trips, F-AVTO guys try to get other people into the given initiative. It's very important to interest as many people as possible in this idea as much as possible people so that more children could get surrounding people attention. So, at this time guys which are developing our website joined us. They not only arrived, but also brought young band which entertained children with cheerful music and songs.
But best of all we’d like to thank and to tell about girl called Liza. Thanks to her our desire to help children realized as a DeRe form. Upon an initiative of Liza we joined DeRe project and for the first time. And we think we will always participate in it. We’d like to tell you about Liza’s thoughts and her undertakings more. Let’s see a blitz-interview with Liza.
Question 1: Liza how has entered your head to organize such holidays for children?
Liza: I have many friends-musicians who were ready to play free of charge for little children! It was about 4 years ago; actually, the first concert was organized at that time, but not under "DeRe" aegis! After this there was a long break. I left Belarus, it was impossible for me to engage in the organization but only by the Internet, and to come directly in the day of action.
Liza: I do not know yet, potentially it's 6, 82 billion people (the Earth's population)))) And if we speak about Belarus it's 10 million people!!!
Question 3. How do you think the quantity of volunteers will grow in due of time?
Лиза: I do not think about it! If I think about it, we won't have time for other useful things! But the quantity of gifts and toys for children grows with each DeRe! It gladdens and very much!
Question 4. With hand on heart, how do you think, why F-avto does participate in all this action?)
Liza: Because they are good))) The company's policy gives the chance to develop not only as the employee and professional in definite areas, but also as a Person!
Question 5. Whether are there ideas on development of field of concern charity? You know, we always will support you.
Liza: It’s charity fund opening, but such which will really work and help! The help is necessary not only for children in orphan homes, but also for people who is undergo medical treatment in the oncological centers and Belarus hospitals! In Europe this system works better if we compare with our country! Fund work allows to organize charitable outdoors concerts, and receipts from trade of tickets are sent to clinics for seriously ill children. There is chance to orgnize auctions and companies for getting money but you know that it's very long and difficult process.
Liza, thanks you very much! You gave a chance to help children together with you! And the main thing is that we are ready to do our best in all charitable undertakings.
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