F-avto in Rudensk boarding school for children-orphans and children who left without parental guardianship

What for we do it
Thirty six thousand children-orphans in Belarus left without parental support. More than three thousand live in Minsk. Bitter experience shows that about half of these children cannot find the place in their lives when they leave the state guardianship. Neither social privileges nor the state grants don’t help the situation. Many orphans repeat destinies of their careless parents as they reach their adult life.

But recently the situation start changing as new specialized boarding-schools are created in Belarus where classes with advanced socially-vocational training are opened. There are ten such educational institutions in the country. The graduates of such schools are more adapted to the life in the social environment and work. One of these schools is Rudensk boarding school for children-orphans and children who have been left without parental guardianship. This school is different to others as here children with special mental-physical development are studying.

Employees of our company visited the Rudensk boarding school on the 23rd of May this year. This event took place with the support of Faleson LTD (F-AVTO) under the project “The Day Of Joy”. The main purpose was not only to give children gifts and sweets, but also to spend time playing and talking. Now as a company we would like to share our thoughts and pass the message of our experience.

The main message we would like to pass is that it doesn’t matter for children how many toys, gifts and other things the school will get. But it’s more important the time and a part of our soul we are prepared to spend in our free time. Let's sacrifice not only material values, but also more important things - soul, warmth and time.
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